O'Dell Ministries is dedicated to bringing the light of the Gospel to as many as possible, before they die. Over 3 billion people alive on our planet today are currently without Christ and we are dedicated to reaching them with the Good News of His love for them. O’Dell Ministries has chosen to focus its outreach efforts in Asia and Central America.

The India Harvest Plan, started in 1990, has netted 13.4 million villagers through mass-evangelism miracle crusades and birthed nearly 200 Church Outreach Centers, which have birthed 600 more satellite churches. Open-air meetings have reached hundreds of thousands of villagers throughout the world and in Honduras, the students at the School for Harvesters have won over 100,000 villagers since its inception in 1998. These have been netted through monthly teaching crusades in which the students learn to share the Gospel one-on-one in homes, and preach the Gospel on the platform during night meetings. By the time they graduate from the two-year program, they have gained confidence that the power to produce salvations and miracles lies in the message of the Gospel, not the messenger.

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